Pretty Darn Cute Design is my absolutely necessary creative outlet. Without it I would explode. I have had a passion for design my entire life. I first indulged my passion by creating websites in Notepad then later discovered the magic of WordPress. Since then my continuing education has enabled me to build PDCD into a rapidly expanding graphic and web design consulting business. I feel incredibly blessed to have a portable career that’s allowed me to work with amazing people from all over the world. I love what I do and enjoy bringing my clients web and graphic design ideas to fruition.

I have been developing websites for nearly a decade. WordPress is my passion, teaching is my hobby. I love God, my family, bows, CSS, glitter, iced coffee, the Genesis framework and Shiner. Due to the crazy high demand for custom design projects, I now exclusively focus my efforts towards developing fabulous premade WordPress themes.

Lindsey Riel

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My Big Family

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Susan Ramsey


Susan – The Sweetest Support Ever

Born in England, raised in Australia, and now an American. Susan is a highly sought after support genius. Lindsey snatched her up a while back to look after the PDCD support desk, and people keep trying to steal her away. She is that good. Susan also owns her own web design studio, graphically designing. Susan customizes our themes here at PDCD and is an amazing asset and friend. Also, her accent is pretty awesome.