Blog Planning Worksheets

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These Blog Planning Worksheets are a Printable Guide to the process of planning your blog posts, with pro tips throughout! This 16 page PDF comes with printable worksheets designed to walk you from step to step. I've done the legwork, all you have to do is follow this simple process to make blogging fun again! These Blog Planning Worksheets are an instant download.

Blog Planning Worksheets

Do you have a plan when you sit down to work each day, or do you just sort of wing it? For years I’ve gone back and forth between having a clear strategy and winging it. I was simply overwhelmed at the thought of finding the time or energy to hash out the details and what that would entail. So I’d wake up most mornings not having a plan for the day. You know what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So my blog was pretty neglected for quite some time.

Over the summer I began putting together worksheets to help better structure my days, and business plan. Part of these worksheets include defining what blog series’ I’ll be consistently sharing, and laying out the framework of each post.

Had I taken the time to create these worksheets a long time ago, my life would have been so much easier. Things would have been clear, organized, and scheduled in advance. I wouldn’t have had to wait until my kids were in school to get my stuff together. I would have been able to relax and enjoy family time more, knowing work was taken care of and on auto pilot.

An Accidental Success

I shared these worksheets with some friends and honestly didn’t expect them to be a big deal because there are tons of blog post printables online, but they’ve all come back to me raving about how much they’ve helped.

One friend of mine was able to plan out their blog posts for an ENTIRE YEAR in two days. I hadn’t even done that yet. Seeing how big an impact these worksheets had on my friends’ daily operations I knew I had to share them with you.

These worksheets guide you through the process of blogging in a very simple format. Often times we overthink things and become overwhelmed. I created these Blog Planning Worksheets to break it all down.

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